Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Flyer - Sweet And Sour (1996)

Artist: Holiday Flyer
Title: Sweet And Sour
Format: CD single
Label: Darla
Cat. Num.: DRL-017
Year: 1996


01: Sweet And Sour
02: Don't Go Back Again
03: Answer
04: Talking In My Sleep
05: I Lost My Heart
06: I'll Keep To Myself

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  1. >I just listened to my long-lost Holiday Flyer record last nite and realized how much I adore this band. Now I want to hear more - so THANKS for this.

  2. Thank you for accepting some more re-up requests. Could you possibly re-up this Holiday Flyer album? I'd really love to hear it.

    1. Very good suggestion. Here's a brand new rip of this beautiful single.

  3. A belated thank you from the requester. It really is beautiful. The reason for this request, btw, was Katie Haley/Conley's current band Soft Science, which I listen to quite a lot, and the fact that I knew nothing at all about what she did previously. You probably already know about this but here's the bandcamp anyway:

    1. Thanks for the tip about Soft Science, I didn't know that she was still recording music. Do you have any of the Soft Science releases? I can trade you for Holiday Flyer albums if you want.

    2. Sorry for keeping you waiting. Blogger wouldn't let me comment/reply for a few days on any blog with any browser.
      If your email account is still active -- the one that's no longer displayed at the top of the page -- I could send along links for Soft Science ...

    3. No prob, I'm not always prompt to reply myself. Yes, the email address is still the same: pyrolysebred[at]gmail[dot]com. I'm not displaying it anymore because after Feb. 10th I probably won't check it very often.

      I just made a rip of Holyday Flyer's The Rainbow Confection and will post it on this blog next week, along with a couple of other things. I'll have to check but I'm pretty sure I have copies of the other albums as well. If you want anything just let me know.


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