Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Jennifers - Flying (1991)

This is a tape that I bought at a Jennifers gig in Oxford, sometime in 1992. Hailing from the City of Dreaming Spires itself, they enjoyed an enthusiastic and noisy local following. Something that I couldn't understand, their music was then highly derivative of succesfull shoegazing bands such as Ride or Slowdive. The singer Gareth 'Gaz' Coombes and the drummer Danny Goffey later formed the better known band Supergrass.

Artist: The Jennifers
Title: -
Format: Cassette
Label: (self-released)
Cat. Num.: -
Year: 1991


A1: Flying
A2: Inside Of Me
A3: (Slow Song)


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Japanther / The Good Good - Split 7'' (2006)

Artists: Japanther / The Good Good
Title: -
Format: 7" single
Labels: Altin Village / Mine Records
Cat. Num.: AVM 009
Year: 2006


A1: Japanther - The Riot
A2: Japanther - Deliver
A3: Japanther - See Evil
A4: Japanther - Suits vs. Punks
B1: The Good Good - Look Hello


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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bob Tilton - Songs Of Penknife And Pocket Watch 7'' (1995)

Together with their first album 'Crescent', this 7" single was in my opinion one of Bob Tilton's finest release. And one of my favourite record of the second half of the 1990s.

Artist: Bob Tilton
Title: Songs Of Penknife And Pocket Watch
Format: 7" single
Label: Subjugation
Cat. Num.: SUB 008
Year: 1995


A1: Of Penknife And Pocket Watch
A2: Butterfly
B1: Lilac
B2: The Orchard Bare

Trivia: run-out groove on side A reads 'I should learn to love an empty sky', and on side B 'It may take some time'.


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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Go-Betweens - 16 Lovers Lane (Acoustic Démos) (1996)

Free CD given away with the French music magazine 'Les Inrockuptibles' in 1996. 8 acoustic demos from the album '16 Lovers Lane' and 3 album tracks.

Artist: The Go-Betweens
Title: 16 Lovers Lane - Acoustic Démos
Format: CD album
Label: Virgin France
Cat. Num.: Premium 2
Year: 1996


01: Was There Anything I Could Do?
02: Wait Until June
03: The Devil's Eye
04: I'm Alright
05: You Won't Find It Again
06: Love Goes On
07: Love Is A Sign
08: Dive For Your Memory
09: Streets Of Your Town
10: The Clarke Sisters
11: You've Never Lived



Shred Yr Face Tour 7'' (2008)

Tour 7" single with Times New Viking covering a song originally written by The Clean.

Various Artists
Title: Shred Yr Face
Format: 7" single
Label: Shred Yr Face
Cat. Num.: SYF 001
Year: 2008


A1: Los Campesinos! - Death To Los Campesinos! (Death To Napoleon III Remix)
B1: No Age - Revolving Credit For Kitty
B2: Times New Viking - Anything Could Happen

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blueboy - Bikini 7'' (1995)

3 songs recorded live in Toulouse (France) in 1994 and released by Aquavinyle on a transparent 7" single. Beautiful pop songs on an equally beautiful record. The Aquavinyle mini-fanzine is included.

Artist: Blueboy
Title: Bikini
Format: 7" single
Label: Aquavinyle
Cat. Num.: Aquavinyle 01
Year: 1995


A1: Chelsea Guitar
A2: Air France
B: Sea Horses


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Monday, December 22, 2008

Quigley - A Kind Of Loving (1995)

Roger Quigley's first release on a record label called Croissant-neuf, which was just Vespertine Records under a different name I think. The last - hidden - track is actually Roger Quigley singing over Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 5, Part III, Adagietto.

There are a lot of similarities between Quigley's earlier output and some compositions by the Durutti Column, I'm thinking especially about the Tomorrow EP released in 1986.

Artist: Quigley
Title: A Kind Of Loving
Format: CD mini-album
Label: Croissant-neuf
Cat. Num.: CN-UN
Year: 1995


01: Big, Strong Arms
02: What Are You Letting Yourself In For
03: Ringing In My Ears
04: A Kind Of Loving
05: The Truth's Out Darling


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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Cat's Miaow - Firefly 7'' (1996)

Artist: The Cat's Miaow
Title: Firefly
Format: 7" single
Label: -
Cat. Num.: Fan002
Year: 1996


A: Firefly
B1: Barney And Me
B2: Millions Of Tiny Lights
B3: LA International Airport


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowstorm - A Tribute To Galaxie 500 (2001)

A double CD full of Galaxie 500 covers. Only one really stand out I think: Holiday Flyer's cover of It's Getting Late, to me it's as good as the original.

Various Artists
Title: Snowstorm - A Tribute To Galaxie 500
Format: 2xCD compilations
Label: Elefant Records
Cat. Num.: ER-1038
Year: 2001

Disco 1

01: BMX Bandits - Tugboat
02: Hula Hoop - Sorry
03: Hefner - Oblivious
04: Polar - King Of Spain
05: The Ladybug Transistor - Tell Me
06: Orange Cake Mix - Flowers
07: Musical Chairs - Fourth Of July
08: Beef - Melt Away
09: Trains And Boats And Planes - Spook
10: Migala - Leave The Planet
11: Tugboat - Cold Night
12: Magoo - Another Day
13: The Silly Pillows - Way Up High
14: Purple Ivy Shadows - Blue Thunder
15: Dabj - Instrumental

Disco 2

01: Silvania - King Of Spain Part 2
02: ISAN - Strange
03: Seely - Plastic Bird
04: Portastatic - Tugboat
05: Godstar - Parking Lot
06: The Pribata Idaho - Fourth Of July
07: Stephanie Sayers - Spook
08: Satellites - Temperature's Rising
09: Holiday Flyer - It's Getting Late
10: Sugar Plant - Sorry
11: Zookeeper's Wife - Tell Me
12: Stormclouds - Hearing Voices
13: Watoo Watoo - When Will You Come Home
14: 18th Dye - Isn't It A Pity


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CD2: MP3 / EAC-FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Groove Farm / Esmerelda's Kite - Split 7'' Flexi Disc (1989)

Artists: The Groove Farm / Esmerelda's Kite
Title: -
Format: 7" flexi disc
Label: Woosh
Cat. Num.: Woosh 006
Year: 1989


A1: The Groove Farm - Heaven Is Blue
A2: Esmerelda's Kite - Vampire Girl

Friday, December 12, 2008

Japanther / The Sneeze - Split 7'' (2004)

Artists: Japanther / The Sneeze
Title: -
Format: split 7" single
Label: Dangerously Small Records
Cat. Num.: DSR 001
Year: 2004


A1: Japanther - Summer Hills
A2: Japanther - Stabby
B1: The Sneeze - F.R. (Vegetable Mix)
B2: The Sneeze - Into The Cow
B3: The Sneeze - Kite Ryder


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Pilot 7'' (1995)

Title: The Pilot
Format: 7" single
Label: Papercut Records
Cat. Num.: PCT 001
Year: 1995


A1: Cub - Pillow Queen
A2: Raggedy Ann - Soul Sound
B1: Tully Craft - Pink Lemonade
B2: Weakling - Roy To Me

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Paper 7'' (1997)

Various Artists
Title: The Paper
Format: 7" single
Label: Papercut Records
Cat. Num.: PCT 004
Year: 1997


A1: Lois - A Summer Song
A2: Mad Planets - Super-8
B1: Low - Lift
B2: The Receptionists - Chills



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Arabesque - Roma 7'' (1995)

Beautifuly crafted summer songs featuring Keith Girdler from Blueboy.

Artist: Arabesque
Title: Roma
Format: 7" single
Label: Siesta
Cat. Num.: Siesta 19
Year: 1995


A: Roma
B1: Do Nothing
B2: Brazil 94


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Monday, December 1, 2008

Allen Ginsberg / Hula Hoop - Split 7'' (1998)

Split 7" single with Allen Ginsberg reading one of his poem on side A ; and on side B, American indie popsters Hula Hoop. I personally like this reading of Kral Majales better than the one on the 'Holy Soul Jelly Roll ' 4 CD box set released in 1994. So be sure to download this even if you already know Ginsberg's work.

Artists: Allen Ginsberg & Hula Hoop
Title: -
Format: 7" single
Label: Delmore Recordings
Cat. Num.: DEL-710
Year: 1998


A: Allen Ginsberg - Kral Majales
B: Hula Hoop - Midget Love

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