Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Warser Gate - Engraved On A Stagger (1994)

Repost with a new download link for this Warser Gate cassette shared with us in October 2008 by someone called Baz. I never noticed before but track A6 is missing... If he reads this could he kindly email me the missing track? Cheers.

Artist: Warser Gate
Title: Engraved On A Stagger
Format: cassette
Label: Destroy All Music
Cat. Num.: DAM 21
Year: 1994


A1: Sub Armed Dialogue
A2: Worshippers Howling Dry
A3: Hysteria Looks
A4: 1 Flak = Seducer
A5: Secum To Ballador
A6: 1″ Tall (Version 1)
A7: Our Great Protector
A8: Islams Hole Is Numb
A9: Fiddle Split Basics
A10: Big Freeze
A11: 52 - Miles

B1: Wounded Souls Last Assault
B2: Hang Me Out To Dry
B3: Kettles Lot
B4: Probe
B5: Vast Slabs & Menacing Spikes
B6: Liquid Baffler
B7: Oblivions Hole
B8: Facade
B9: Mine Eyes

Tracks B6-B9 recorded live 30/6/94 Narrow Boat



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