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Noam Chomsky - Free Market Fantasies: Capitalism In The Real World (1997)

"When this CD was recorded (in 1997!) there was no way for Noam Chomsky to know how economist Milton Friedman's Laissez-faire ideology on financial markets (as adopted by Ronald Reagan from 1980 going forward) would fail by 2009, and lead to complete financial collapse in global markets. All of Chomsky's 1997 commentary here on so-called free markets for the masses - with a nanny "bail-out" state for the rich - is so prescient as to be uncanny. Chomsky's 'old' material is like a ten year audio road map to the present and how/why we are burdened with a failed economy today. Chomsky's eleven-year old observations on "free markets" are so precise, this material is actually far more relevant today than it was in 1997! Trying to find the right adjectives here, Noam Chomsky proves again that he is truly an astounding intellect, and one of the profound commentators of our time. Five stars." (Customer review on

Noam Chomsky
Ttitle: Free Market Fantasies
Format: CD
Labels: AK Press Audio / Allied Recordings
Cat. Num.: AKA 009CD / ALLIED No.80CD
Year: 1997


01: The Real Market
02: The Massachusetts Example
03: Gingrich
04: The Reagan Legacy
05: The Washington Consensus
06: The Pentagon System
07: Crime And Punishment
08: Chain Gangs
09: Prison Labor
10: Devolution
11: Reform
12: Subsidies
13: Taxes
14: Deregulation
15: State Criminal Behavior
16: Economic Miracles
17: Property Rights
18: Trade Myths
19: Democracy And Free Markets
20: Entrepreneurial Values
21: Mysterious Wisdom Of The Market
22: Grand Vision Of The Future
23: Role Of The Propoganda System
24: Corporate Feeding Frenzy
25: Downsizing
26: Class War
27: The Casino Economy
28:  What We Can Do


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