Friday, January 7, 2011

UA - Petit (1995)

I first heard UA in 1998 and have been hooked ever since by her soulful voice. Whenever I hear those bells chime at the beginning of Horizon, I feel like being transported back to those (happier) days... Sadly the day-dream only lasts as long as the song :(

Artist: UA
Title: Petit
Format: CD
Label: Speedstar / Victor
Cat. Num.: VICL-2160
Year: 1995


01: Horizon
02: 夢を見た魚
03: Song + Sky
04: 太陽手に月は心の両手に
05: 温度
06: Horizon (Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die Mix)

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  1. Hello, sir!

    cheers from NYC.

    23rd st, near 10th ave to be exact.

    I felt a need to post a comment, esp. since I've been adoring your site, and have plundered so many 7''s and albums from it.

    OMG! thank you, thank you for introducing me to "The Becketts".

    I put them up there with "Adorable".... maybe even "The Chameleons."

    insofar as 'awesome intensity' levels.

    Even IF! all of their songs (esp. on the "Myth" album) are not as incredible as say, as on the "Lust" album...

    holy sh... they just have that certain "something", don't they?

    I have to ask.. you made me a bit sad, ; I've seen a few of the 'better days' comments from you / odes to long-gone youth (sort of vibe)

    surely.. times are rough.. but... not so bad, eh?

    NOW... is an awesome time for all of us to be alive. simply because we are.

    Anyway - what a killer blog you've assembled here. truly special.

    keep up the amazing work!!!!!!

    - MIke Brandon

  2. The Becketts' music was indeed 'intense', just beautiful noise.

    Are these times really awesome? I'm not so sure so I won't pass a definitive judgement. I guess I wish I was the 1998 me today. It's my mindset of those days that I miss, the dreams, the open horizon... Now the dreams have vanished and "the sky melted into the sea".

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and especially for leaving a comment. I hope that you'll find more interesting music on this blog.


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