Monday, February 7, 2011

Electroscope - Homemade Electroscope (1997)

I'm not sure about the release year for this record. Discogs says 1997 (for the vinyl edition) but other sources on the internet (like freedb) say 1995. In my opinion it's more likely to be 1997 since both the LP and CD were released at the same time. And it's WJ27 so 1995 would be too early in the label's discography. I'm writing this so you won't be surprised to see the MP3 files tagged 1997 and the FLAC files tagged 1995.

Artist: Electroscope
Title: Homemade Electroscope
Format: CD album
Label: Wurlitzer Jukebox
Cat. Num.: WJ27
Year: 1997 (?)


01: Virtual Vega
02: Listen To Prowlers
03: Fusee Chain
04: Night Flight To Nowhere
05: Tunguska
06: Roter Kamm
07: December Woods
08: Battle Lines Are Redrawn
09: Joe Heard A New World
10: Swan Song Sung
11: Mesmeric Underground
12: Space Travel 103
13: Earth Loop
14: The Trumpet From Outer Space
15: Dunwich




  1. Hello,

    1 of 2 more requests my friend.
    Can you please repost this CD?

    Thank you very much
    Efstathiou Stathis

    1. Reuploaded. All other reups next Friday, I just had too many requests this week.


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