Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vomit Launch - Don't Say Nein 12'' LP (1990)

"So some guy in Germany with a small label sends us a letter asking if he can release some of our recordings over there. We were happy with that, especially the $1000 advance. But then he says he wants to hand pick the tracks, as he didn't like Not Even Pretty's song order. Apparently he just didn't like "Hallways" and "Beyond The Mirror". Anyway, the album came out over in Germany, did just about nothing of note, and the guy sent us a letter saying he'd never release people's records again. Okay. Sorry. The record is notable for getting Scud's artwork on the front cover for the first time (later to be repeated for Not Even Pretty+) and for the only vinyl appearance of 'Drunk Autograph'. I kind of like that song, and I'm not sure why we left it and 'Up and Down' off of Not Even Pretty. By the way, the title is the dumbest joke ever: 'Don't say nein, say ten.' Get it? Satan? I thought you would." - Lawrence Crane

Artist: Vomit Launch
Title: Don't Say Nein
Format: 12" LP
Label: Cuacha! Records
Cat. Num.: 08-66121 / loco3
Year: 1990


A1: Swelling Admiration (Bloated Swollen Remix)
A2: Life Sucks
A3: Up And Down
A4: Drunk Autograph

B1: Knock Yourself
B2: Star Trekking
B3: Dumpster Queen
B4: Sweatbath
B5: Beyond The Mirror
B6: Turn Back


MP3 / FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)


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