Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sundays - Live in Ventura (1993)

I have just received several live shows by the Sundays and I will be posting them in the coming days. My message is still the same: if you own some live recording of the band, don't be selfish, share it with us. Music is made to be listened to, not stored in a bank's vault! Many thanks to Luis in El Salvador (yes, Central America!) for sharing these shows :)

Artist: The Sundays
City: Ventura, CA
Venue: Ventura Theater
Date: June 3, 1993


01: A Certain Someone
02: Blood On My Hands
03: Can't Be Sure
04: Goodbye
05: Here's Where The Story Ends
06: Hideous Towns
07: I Kicked A Boy
08: I Won
09: Joy
10: Love
11: Medicine
12: More
13: My Finest Hour
14: On Earth
15: Turkish
16: What Do You Think?

MP3 (160 Kbs - 75 Mb)

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