Friday, April 15, 2011

Elizabeth Bunny - Crawl (1996)

Artist: Elizabeth Bunny
Title: Crawl
Format: CD single
Label: Radar Records
Cat. Num.: Scan CS13
Year: 1996


01: Crawl (King Rocker Edit)
02: Crawl
03: Crawl (Fast)
04: Crawl (Smashing Mix)
05: Crawl (King Rocker)

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  1. Wow. Very rare. Keep the postings coming. This is quickly becoming my favorite blog for hidden and forgotten treasures.

  2. Is it? I remember picking up this record in a bargain bin, and because I couldn't read the name of the band I turned it around and realized that it was released by Radar Records. I'm glad someone found this post useful :)


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