Monday, April 11, 2011

New band, new label...

After a long silence, finally some news from 555 Recordings:

Hi guys, been a while since we have done anything musically... but we have a new label, new band and a couple of new releases (sort of).

We have also re-opened the mailorder page, containing some long lost out of print beauties and cheap stuff if you have the patience to scroll through the list!

We still have no distro, nor is it likely we ever will have at this point. So, these titles are only available from us. Help spread the word if you can!

Stew and Jen

If you missed the 2009 sampler from 555 Recordings, you can still download it here (I never throw anything away...) 16 bands, 16 songs, some of these records are still available for purchase from the link above. There are also some digital reissues on the label's bandcamp page, including an interesting 1999 compilation of Australian indie-pop songs.

Now go shopping! ;-)

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