Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Reuploads


- Autotomy (7" single)
- My Favorite - My Favorite (CD album)
- Sukpatch - Hoop (7" single)
- Sukpatch - Cabo San Lucas (7" single)
- Sukpatch - Sukpatch (Cassette)
- The Band Of Holy Joy - More Tales From The City (12'' LP)
- Wow! & Flutter (CD compilation)
- Spoonfed Hybrid - Scary Verlaine (7'' single)
- St Christopher ‎- Ce Soir (Live CD)
- Rob Dickinson - Nude (CD EP)
- S.F. Seals - Truth Walks In Sleepy Shadows (CD album)
- Pale Saints - Live 1988 (Live cassette)
- Sade - A Love Affair With Life (Live CD bootleg)
- The Sunflowers - It's Only Everything (7" single)
- The Sunflowers - Closer (7" single)
- The Sunflowers - Teenage Death (7" single)
- Kahimie Karie - Larme de crocodile (CD album)
- The Lavender Faction - In My Mind (7" single)


- The Charlottes - Liar (CD single)
- Shocking Blue - Venus (7" single)
- Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - At The Doorway Again (CD single)
- Nitzer Ebb - Isn't It Funny How Your Body Works (CD single)
- A PyrolyseBred Selection - Volume 39
- A PyrolyseBred Selection - Volume 38
- A PyrolyseBred Selection - Volume 37
- A PyrolyseBred Selection - Volume 36
- There Is No Authority But Yourself (Documentary)
- Ivy: How Do You Know It's For Real? (CD single)
- Azure Ray - Azure Ray (CD album)
- Ivy: In The Absence Of Angels (CD album)
- April March - Chick Habit (CD album)
- Bratmobile - The Peel Session (CD)
- Allen Ginsberg / Hula Hoop (Split 7'')
- Pillows & Prayers (Cherry Red 1982-1983) (CD compilation)
- Matt & Kim - To/From (10" EP)
- Palace Brothers - An Arrow Through The Bitch (CD single)
- The Ropers - All The Time (CD album)

You can also stream all these songs on Grooveshark.



  1. Great blog. Love the Magoo!

    If you ever had a chance to put the Hydroplane singles up as FLAC, that would make me very happy too.

  2. Ok, I will reup them too as Flac, but I have a long list of reuploads to make, so it'll probably take a couple of weeks.

  3. OH! grand thank for Aberdeen

    Today I noticed I have none (yes none) of Sarah's Brighter. Do you have any?

  4. Man, I know you have Heavenly records.
    Be so kind please reupload.

    And by the way, Heavenly label is good too.
    The Hybirds and Northern Uproar are there. Such a great music!

  5. I adore you.
    Thank you very much.

    Amelia Fletcher is the one.
    to reveal.

  6. I love this blog and the jewels you post.

    by the way, can you reupload the smahing orange s/t?

  7. Hello, I'm interested in the re-uploaded "Cowboy Junkies - London, RAH" but the link seems to be the blog entry where the old, cancelled links are... Thanks for doing what you do.

  8. Tar's Roundhouse is my personal most awaited re-up.
    Thank you so much for all the discoveries.

  9. Thanks for the Clean album, i'm looking forward to check Vehicle, they seem like a great band. Also thanks for the JAMC boots they are rare as fuck!

  10. Wonderful blog! I would like to see the Curve's Blackerthreetracker in it.

  11. I don't have that one, but I'll be posting some Curve 12" EPs in the next few days.

  12. Birdland CDS. And if you got something more from Birdland, please post!!!!

  13. Hi! How do you download the links provided. My browser can't detect any links. Thanks!

    1. Check the top right column for the directions.

  14. Looks like a lot of work! Thanks a lot, I see things right away I want a chance to hear!


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