Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sue P. Fox ‎- Light Matches Spark Lives (1994)

Artist: Sue P. Fox
Title: Light Matches Spark Lives
Format: CD album
Label: Kill Rocks Stars
Cat. Num.: KRS 302
Year: 1994


01: Burnt Girl
02: Boredom
03: Honorary Citizen
04: Moses
05: Doing A Lot Of Stuff On A Handshake And A Prayer
06: Dear Beauty Editor
07: Auctioneer
08: Imaginary Friend
09: Gay White Male
10: Chicken
11: Down In Front Shrimp
12: Junky
13: S.T.A.L.K.
14: E-I-O-Um
15: Town Idiot
16: Don't Wanna
17: The Future



Town Idiot by Sue P Fox on Grooveshark

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