Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pillows & Prayers (Cherry Red Records 1981-1984) (2007)

Pillows & Prayers (2007)
DVD-Rip | AVI | XviD@1284 kbps | 624x464
23.976 fps | Audio: MP3@320 kbps | 1.02 Gb
Language: English | No subtitles

1. Interview Iain McNay And Mike Alway
2. The Cherry Red Videos
3. Bonus Videos


Marine Girls - A Place In The Sun
Jane - It's A Fine Day
Kevin Hewick - Feathering The Nest
Fantastic Something - If She Doesn't Smile...
Eyeless In Gaza - New Risen
Everything But The Girl - On My Mind 
The Monochrome Set - Jet Set Junta
Medium Medium - Hungry So Angry
Eyeless In Gaza - Veil Like Calm
The Monochrome Set - Jacobs Ladder


  1. Any chance of reuploading the compilation CD in FLAC? That would be great. Thanks.

    1. Many thanks!!! [the same previous anonymous]


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