Saturday, October 27, 2012

St Christopher ‎- Ce Soir (1995)

Artist: St Christopher
Title: Ce Soir
Format: CD album
Label: Soirée
Cat. Num.: SOIREE CD1
Year: 1995


01: Away
02: The Thrill Of The New
03: Dive
04: Alpine Village
05: Wildest Dreams
06: Baptise Me, Baby
07: Where You Are, Everything Is
08: Everything Now
09: Antoinette
10: Young Nun
11: Dark
12: Here Comes The Past
13: Remember Me To Her
14: Your Deserve More Than A Maybe
15: The Stars Belong To Me
16: Magic Spell
17: The Last Laugh
18: Tranquillity
19: With Her In Mind
20: Stab


MP3 / EAC-FLAC: part 1 + part 2 (password: pyrolysebred)

You Deserve More Than a Maybe by St. Christopher on Grooveshark


  1. I'm so sorry for being a 3x pest, but here's another one I really hope you will consider re-uppping... Deleted "due to inactivity." Please don't punish the 'active' among us... On my knees, begging, with all respect...


  2. Thank you very kindly for refreshing this upload. Such a great record. Thank you!!!


  3. Molto grazioso.



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