Friday, November 9, 2012

Rob Dickinson - Nude (2008)

This is the bonus CD that came with the re-release of Rob Dickinson's album Fresh Wine for the Horses. Six Catherine Wheel songs played acoustically. Simply awesome, I've got goosebumps!

Artist: Rob Dickinson
Title: Nude
Format: CD EP
Label: Sanctuary Records
Cat. Num.: FON9187AV2
Year: 2008


01: Black Metallic
02: Crank
03: Ma Solituda
04: Show Me Mary
05: The Nude
06: I Want To Touch You

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  1. Any chance you might repost this? Sadly it appears to be deleted "due to inactivity." Thanks in advance.

    Great blog BTW!


    1. pyrolysebred,

      I owe you special tribute for reposting this. Catherine Wheel have always had a special lace in my heart. I got Rob Dickinson so high he was forgetting the words to songs during his 2006 tour with The Church. Lol. Cool guy. I think he designs cars these days. Literally.


    2. I think he should do more of these acoustic songs, he has a great voice and the emotional lyrics are well suited to this style of playing imho.

  2. Heard one of the songs from this on youtube clip and would be very interested in hearing the rest if you don't mind reposting. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks much.


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