Saturday, December 8, 2012

Free To Fight! (1995)

It's a punk rock weekend!

This is one hell of a compilation, both musically and politically. Just listen to the first couple of tracks and you should get an idea of the general tone of the CD.

Also enclosed is a scan of the 76 pages book on self-defense for women that goes with the CD. It's actually two different sized books weaved into one, making the scanning process a little tricky, but it's totally worth it. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Various Artists
Title: Free To Fight!
Format: CD compilation
Label: Candy-Ass Records
Cat. Num.: CAR-012
Year: 1995


01: Sarah Rides The Greyhound
02: The Third Sex - Monster Snack
03: Definition Of Self Defense
04: Team Dresch - Song For Anne Bannon
05: Mizzery - Sleep'n Wit' The Enemy
06: Violence Is Violence
07: Sue P. Fox - Killing Your Clone Is Still Murder
08: Rebecca Gates - Carnation Red
09: Body Language
10: Fifth Column - Don't
11: Yelling
12: 151 - Real Defense
13: Make A Scene
14: Containe - The Martyr
15: Assertiveness Practice
16: Nikki, Jen, Rueben - New Terror Story
17: The Lois - St. What's Her Name
18: Alice's Story
19: Primary Targets
20: Target Practice
21: Striking
22: Cheesecake - Disgracias
23: Laura Sister Nobody Crosses The Street
24: Azteca X - Daddy's Crazy
25: Heavens To Betsy - Get Out Of My Head
26: Sylvia Gets Fancy
27: Excuse Seventeen - Forever Fired
28: Nikki McClure - Lucky One




  1. Cheers from NYC.

    love your blog. going to try and keep up ie. missed too many gems you posted in the past.

    love this blog. it's insane. how good it is.

    1. :) One day I'll be rich enough to buy a premium account so files never get deleted and I don't have to keep re-uploading them!


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