Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Haywains - Get Happy With (1993)

Artist: The Haywains
Title: Get Happy With
Format: CD album
Label: Vinyl Japan
Cat. Num.: ASKCD 24
Year: 1993


01: Bythesea Road
02: Tobe's Gone West
03: Fisherman's Friend
04: Summer Madness!
05: I'm Really Not As Foolish As You Think
06: Billy Corkhill's Better Side
07: Kicked In The Teeth
08: Now I've Got One Up On You
09: Emily's Shop
10: Really (Bee!)
11: Last Pancake
12: Surfin' In My Sleep
13: I Wouldn't Want That
14: Forget Me Not
15: Please Don't Let Me Get Hurt
16: Rosanna
17: Boy Called Burden
18: You Laughing At Me Laughing At You
19: Boy Racers A Go Go



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