Friday, March 29, 2013

Cocteau Twins - Live in Utrecht (1994)

Artist: Cocteau Twins
City: Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Venue: Vredenburg
Date: February 1, 1994


01: Pur
02: Road, River And Rail
03: Bluebeard
04: Cherry-Coloured Funk
05: Evangeline
06: Theft, And Wandering Around Lost
07: Cico Buff
08: Know Who You Are At Every Age
09: Heaven Or Las Vegas
10: Whales Tails
11: Iceblink Luck
12: Carolyn's Fingers
13: Summerhead
14: Blue Bell Knoll
15: Aikea-Guinea
16: Ella Megalast Burls Forever
17: Pink Orange Red



  1. Thank you! Great show from 1994 Tour. Liz was in great focused singing form on the first few shows on that Four Calender Cafe tour. Then went into more of an unusual all of over the place singing style. This and the 1/29/94 in Paris at the Zenith are excellent! Notice the Scream she lets out during Iceblink Luck! AMAZING!

  2. Thank you for sharing this live track, but the link seems doesn't work, can you fix it, please?

    Sorry for my bad English, CT fans from Hong Kong. :)

    1. Files are still online. Check this guide on how to download:


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