Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hulaboy ‎- As Tight As An Owl With The Hulaboy (1999)

Hulaboy is Stewart Anderson (Boyracer) and Eric Stoess (Hula Hoop).

Artist: Hulaboy
Title: As Tight As An Owl With The Hulaboy
Format: CD album
Label: Harriet Records
Cat. Num.: spy8
Year: 1999


01: School Closings 2010
02: Comfort Eating
03: My Lowdown
04: Croissants And Coffee
05: River Of Honey And Mud
06: Time Travel
07: You Never Used To Be This Tough
08: Our Secret Knowledge
09: Garden
10: Shape
11: Take These Wings
12: Kisses Like Punches
13: Lets Spend Some Money (We Don't Have)
14: What's The Point?
15: The Unwritten Rule (Electro Version)
16: Cupid Shrugged
17: Do I Really Have To Go On?
18: Untitled




  1. okay. I figured it out...for my machine.

    I am a Mac user. only Google a browser. to download your new links.

    very odd.

    but... I'm using Mac OSX 108.2 or whatever. and... I am grateful that this Google browser is doing the trick.

  2. I'm still on a Windows 2000 PC (Hey, I ain't rich), no new version of Firefox for it and no MEGA Extension plugin for this version of Firefox. I guess this is it for me... But thanks for all the good stuff I was able to get!

    1. Have you tried with a download manager? Like JDownloader for example. I've been using it for years and it works very well with MEGA. You just need to have Java installed on your computer. There are other download managers out there but since I was satisfied with JDownloader, I never bothered checking other softwares. All I'm saying is don't give up, I'm sure there's a solution (short of you bying a new PC ;-)

  3. JDownloader has adware... But thanks for trying to help...

    1. Does it? I installed mine a long time ago (2010!), maybe they didn't have adware then or else I'd never have installed it. I also didn't install their Firefox plugin, I don't really see the use for it.

      According to their help forum you can choose not to install the adware (if you choose the custom/advanced installation) :

      Anyway, thanks for telling me, I'll update this post with a word of caution regarding the installation settings.


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