Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 Reuploads


- The Pooh Sticks: Trade Mark Of Quality (CD album)
- Becket House (12" LP)
- Warser Gate: Loaded And Shaken (7" single)
- Warser Gate: Karneek Temple (7" single)
- Loop: Wolf Flow (CD album)
- Loop: Dual (CD album)
- Loop: Fade Out (CD album)
- Loop: Untitled (CD bootleg)
- Ultra Vivid Scene: Live in Chicago (live)
- Cocteau Twins: Twinlights (CD single)
- The Paper (7" single)
- The Pilot (7" single)
- Warser Gate: Ok For Zero (7" single)
- Warser Gate: Sudden This New Routine (cassette)
- Embrace: Come Back To What You Know (2 CD singles)
- A History Of Rain as told by Mad Planets and The Cups (cassette)
- The Raincoats: Extended Play + Don't Be Mean (2 CD singles)
- The Marylin Decade (CD album)
- Nice (CD album)
- Edsel: Strange Loop (CD album)
- The Sundays: Live in Utrecht
- Sufjan Stevens: The BQE (DVD)
- Quickspace Supersport: Superplus (CD single)
- Mount Analog: New Skin (CD album)
- Warser Gate: All My Hates All My Hang Ups (12" LP)
- Ultra Vivid Scene: Live in Bruxelles (cassette)
- Prolapse: Pull Thru' Barker (CD single)
- Pale Saints: Live 16 June 1988 (cassette)
- Dreamscape: Cradle EP (CD single)
- Electroscope & Warser Gate: Elements (7" single)
- Electroscope & The Castaway Stones (7" single)
- U2: Paris France (12" LP bootlegs)
- U2: Camouflage Heart (12" LP bootlegs)

You can also stream all these songs on Grooveshark.



  1. Thank you so much, especially for Quickspace. The choice of DF rather than mega is appreciated, too.

    1. Glad there was something among these reups for you :) But this could be the last upload on DF, their content filters are a pain in the ***

  2. Hello,

    Thank you very much for the reuploads.

    What about Warser Gate's singles, split singles & cassettes?

    Can you please reupload these singles etc.?

    Best Regards


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