Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013 Reuploads


- Jane Pow: Love It Be It (CD album)
- IQU: Sun Q (CD album)
- Madigan: Plays With Herself (7" single)
- Transatlantic Pop Explosion (7" single)
- Julep, Another Yoyo Compilation (CD compilation)
- The Jesus & Mary Chain: Mushroom Head (7" bootleg single)
- The Jesus & Mary Chain: Live LA Roxy (7" bootleg single)
- The Jesus & Mary Chain: Rockin' Umbria 87 (12" bootleg LP)
- Tattle Tale: Running Too (7" single)
- Tattle Tale: Alder-Wood Mall (7" single)
- State of Play: Balancing The Scales (CD album)
- Bis: Plastique Nouveau (CD album)
- Bis: Transmission On The Teen-C Tip! (7" single)
- Azure Ray: Azure Ray (CD album)
- Tattle Tale: Sew True (CD album)
- Boyracer: Electricity (7" flexi)
- Boyracer: Peel Session (cassette)
- Morrissey: Higher Education (CD bootleg)
- Tuscadero: The Pink Album (Teenbeat First Edition) (CD album)
- Tuscadero: The Mark Robinson Remixes (7" single)
- Tuscadero: Angel In A Half Shirt (7" single)
- Tuscadero: Mt. Pleasant (7" single)
- Jetlag - Tuscadero - The Others: Live in Dave's Garage

You can also stream all these songs on Grooveshark.



  1. Hey, any chance of reposting Boyracer cover of OMD's 'Electricity'?

  2. gUY
    do you by any chance have this?

    1. gUY?
      No sorry, don't have that one.


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