Sunday, August 18, 2013

Neapolitan Metropolitan Box Set (1992)

I made a boo-boo, I mixed up side A & B on the second disc of this box set. I have now fixed it and reuploaded it. Thank you James for noticing and letting me know. In my defence the track list order printed on the back cover of the box set is wrong for discs 2 and 3 (as is the info currently on Discogs.) [*] And except for Tear Jerks I didn't know any of the other bands on that disc so I couldn't hear my mistake. Anyway, all fixed now.

[*] To determine A sides and B sides I used the matrix numbers etched in the runnout grooves of the records. Based on that, the correct tracklist order is as printed here below (at least for my copy of this box set).

Various Artists
Title: Neapolitan Metropolitan
Format: 3x7" single
Label: Simple Machines Records
Cat. Num.: smr 10
Year: 1992


A1: Breadwinner - Exploder
A2: Coral - More Of The Same
B1: Burma Jam - You Have The Right
B2: Fudge - Montpelier Train Station

C1: Slack - Word Traffic
C2: False Face Society - Two-Tone
D1: Tear Jerks - It's Friday
D2: Candy Machine - The Constant

E1: Lilys - Claire Hates Me
E2: Whorl - Not Me
F1: Bratmobile - She Said
F2: Late - There's That Song


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