Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dive - Freeze Frame EP++ (2003)

Japanese shoegaze, courtesy of a kind reader of this blog (many thanks :)

Artist: Dive
Title: Freeze Frame EP++
Format: CD album
Label: Mova
Cat. Num.: MOVA-0001
Year: 2003


01: Soda
02: Freeze Frame
03: Feed Out Song
04: Yawn
05: 2:00 A.M.
06: Reverberation
07: Rev. +
08: 64 Vo. Piano
09: Bluesilver
10: Coma Dub
11: Untitled
12: Untitled


MP3 / FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)


  1. help! I can no longer download from!! for the last several days I've been getting an error message instead of a capture code. it says "domain / ckey mismatch (PmNHIzoabGnx1.a18HcKp2KaKlEKu38t)"?? Does anyone know what this is??? Is there any chance you could upload this piece to Mega???? Thx!

    1. Have you tried replacing the **** by (instead of

    2. thx, i tried that, it took me to the file, but got the exact same error message! this didn't used to happen, I used to be able to get stuff from both and no problem. :(

    3. After doing a quick google search it seems that the problem is with the captcha on depositfiles' page. The only solution I found online was to try with a different browser. Maybe some plugin or toolbar in your browser is blocking the captcha window?

      I tried both links and they were working fine in Firefox. And from my Depositfiles account I can see that other people were able to download the files. So far this problem seems to be affecting you only, so there's probably an easy solution at hand (like trying with a different browser, or trying in private browsing mode, or emptying your browser's web cache, etc.) Try some different ways and let me know the results.

  2. ok, thanks! different browser, duh! lol I went over to chrome. i got the same error message with chrome at, but didn't get it at, so i have dive downloading now! meanwhile I'm clearing my cache, history, cookies, etc. on Mozilla just cuz it's a good idea. MANY THANKS!!!!

    1. Glad you could resolve it :) Maybe if you live in the US it makes more sense to use the address. But still, it's weird that you couldn't download it with Firefox... I'm no computer engineer but it looks like something in your browser is blocking the captcha. If it were my computer I'd be suspicious and would run a scan with an antivirus software or at least an anti-malware software (like, just to make sure.

  3. I realize you're closing down shop but any chance you could entertain a request for a re-up of this album?

    1. No problem, flac reuploaded. Also, I've been told that My Bloody Slow Ride ( is a forum worth checking out for shoegazy stuff.

    2. Thanks a million both for the reupload and the link. Looking forward to hours more of excellent shoegaze!


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