Sunday, November 3, 2013

Andrew Bird - Here's What Happened (2012)

Andrew Bird - Here's What Happened (2012)
DVD-Rip | MKV | H264@1441 kbps | 712x392
23.976 fps | Audio: AC3@224 kbps | 33:27 | 405 Mb
Language: English | No subtitles

After the noise and angst-ridden songs of the riot grrrls, I thought we'd have a total change of scenery this weekend and ease down a bit. This is the bonus DVD to Andrew Bird's latest album, 'Break It Yourself'. It's an half-hour documentary filmed at Andrew Bird's own recording studio, which is apparently an old barn located in Western Illinois (that's what I read here anyway). I must say the peaceful rural landscape and the music fit well together. Beautiful photography and equally beautiful live music.


Danse Caribe
Orpheo Looks Back
Lazy Projector
I'm Goin' Home
Fatal Shore

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