Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Reuploads


- Kaia - Kaia (CD album) eac new rip
- Snowpony: Chocolate In The Sun (CD single) eac
- Snowpony: John Brown (CD single) eac
- Lois: The Trouble With Me (7" single)
- Lois: Press Play & Record (7" single)
- Cannanes / Small World Experience (7" single)
- Bedhead: Bedhead (CD album)
- Bedhead: WhatFunLifeWas (CD album)
- Aberdeen: Byron (7" single)
- Aberdeen: Fireworks (7" single)
- St Christopher: Ce Soir (CD album) eac new rip
- The Sundays: Live in Washington lossless link added
- Desert Hearts: No More Art (7" single)
- Joy!! A Ché Compilation CD (CD compilation)
- Eric's Trip: Love Tara (CD album) eac
- Eric's Trip: Purple Blue (CD album) eac

You can also stream all these songs on Grooveshark.



  1. Your blog rocks- severely. Been following it or ages.

    I usually take the MP3's (ya know..hard drive space and all!)

    But I had to… Just now..Also grab the FLAC versions of both "Fur" (UK) 7 inches and that Desert Hearts 7''


    Cheers from Brooklyn.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment :) The Desert Hearts album is coming up later today.

  2. Thanks, again, for the reupload of the Ché compilation.


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