Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 Reuploads


Last batch ever of requested reuploads! No more requests please.

- Velocity Girl: I Don't Care If You Go (7" single)
- Various Artists: Condition Your Heart (12'' LP)
- Various Artists: Songs About Croaking (CD compilation) eac
- Various Artists: Unnecessary Niceness (CD compilation)
- Ned's Atomic Dustbin: God Fodder (CD album) eac
- Various Artists: Snowstorm, A Tribute To Galaxie 500 (2xCD compilations) eac
- Quigley: A Kind Of Loving (CD mini-album) eac
- Inrain: Grow (7" single)
- Various Artists: Turquoise Trees (cassette)
- Pure Morning: Foxhole (CD single) eac
- Pure Morning: All The Guests Smile So Sweetly (CD single) eac
- The Tentacles: The Touch (7" single)
- Quigley: 1969 Till God Knows When... (CD album) eac

You can also stream all these songs on Grooveshark.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Seahorses (1992)

Post #996

You'll have to thank Dan (of Whirlpool Heart) for convincing me to digitize this cassette. If it wasn't for his desire to play the music of his former band to his son, that cassette would have remained forgotten. I also included a full scan of the fanzine, Red Roses For Me #5. That issue had plenty of information on Australian indie pop as well as a 3 page interview with Vanessa & Tracey of All Over The Place.

Various Artists
Title: Seahorses
Format: Cassette compilation
Label: Red Roses For Me
Cat. Num.: RRT003
Year: 1992


A1: The Lovelies - Stupid Habit
A2: The Penelopes - Have You Ever Loved Somebody
A3: Imaginary - Within You
A4: Girl Of The World - Space Cadet
A5: The Tropical Fish Invasion - Ring A Ding
A6: Whirlpool Heart - Flights Of Fancy

B1: Antiseptic Beauty - Sixties Residue
B2: The Sugargliders - Surprised
B3: Change Of Seasons - I Wish
B4: Iris - Float
B5: The Jordans - Concerning You
B6: White Town - Then I'll Be Sane


MP3 / FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Double Figures (2002)

Post #995

Let's go all the way to Australia today with this excellent compilation covering ten years of the record label Chapter Music. All but a few (Small World Experience, the Cannanes, Mia Schoen) of these artists were (and still are) unknown to me. There should be a music-sharing blog covering the Australian indie pop-rock scene. Or is there already?

Various Artists
Title: Double Figures
Format: CD compilation
Label: Chapter Music
Cat. Num.: CH44
Year: 2002


01: Small World Experience - Side Projects
02: Molasses - Fingers In My Eyes
03: The Cannanes - Tennyson
04: Minimum Chips - Wrapped
05: Smiley - I Hate Summer
06: Sleepy Township - World Of Bees
07: Karl Smith - Your Work?
08: Wagons - Chains
09: Clag - My Friend Goo
10: Tracey Read - Courageous
11: Mia Schoen - Troglodyte
12: Sulk - Bleak
13: Riot Guy - Benjamin Franklin
14: Sea Scouts - Strange Loop
15: Tren Brothers - Au Revoir Mon Petit Chou
16: Clare Moore - All Of Me
17: New Waver - Monday Morning's Alright
18: Driving Past - Drive Out Of Melbourne
19: Panel Of Judges - Blind As A Bat
20: O! - Outskirts
21: Gus - Just Foolin'
22: Above Ground Pool - Campaign For Human Lights
23: Bluetile Lounge - Concrete/Tunnels
24: Jeremy Dower - Windy Ponies


MP3 / EAC-FLAC: part 1 + part 2 (password: pyrolysebred)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


First of all, check the labels at the bottom of each post to know what's the filehost. At the moment, it's either MEGA or DepositFiles (Gavitex). In the download link provided, simply replace **** by the name of the filehosting company, like this:

DepositFiles: http://****.com/... ->
DFiles: http://****.eu/... ->

MEGA: https://**** ->

Solidfiles: http://www.****.com/... ->

A handful of records were stored on Solidfiles and some links are still active. Be cautious when downloading from Solidfiles, do not download anything else than a .rar archive file bearing the name of the record. On the download page you need to click on something called "Direct download link", usually under a big green download button. This dirty trick is the reason why I discontinued using their service.

DepositFiles have renamed their DepositStorage service "Gavitex", so don't be surprised if after typing or you are presented with a download page.

Expired links are dead, possibly forever. On a whim I may decide to practice the uncertain and dangerous art of resuscitation and bring some of those links back to life. But frankly, I'm through drawing pentagrams and slaughtering black chickens ;-)

* Most uploads are password protected. Type pyrolysebred to unlock them.

* A note about downloading from MEGA: if you're having trouble downloading, try installing the MEGA app for your browser. Look for it in the apps section on MEGA's website.

Alternatively you can load the links directly in a free download manager like JDownloader. It works fine with most filehosts, including MEGA, and even with links hidden with Actually this is my prefered option for direct downloads of large files. Should you lose the connection while downloading then the link is still saved in the download manager. Another benefit is that you don't have to put up with ads, pop-ups, etc. :)

JDownloader sometimes comes bundled with adwares (the link above should take you to an ad-free install though), so during the installation process be cautious and decline all offers to install external softwares (like toolbars etc.) In doubt use Malwarebytes to scan your system and get rid of malicious softwares.

These download instructions were last updated on February 5, 2015.

Monday, February 17, 2014

UA Live 2004

UA Live 2004 (NHK)
DVD-Rip | MKV | H264@2470 kbps | 640x472
29.970 fps | Audio: AC3@256 kbps | 1:29:32 | 1.70 Gb
Language: Japanese | Japanese subtitles

I've had this DVD since 2005 (thank you Naoko) and I always promised to myself that I'd post it before closing this blog. It's not the end of this blog yet but I finally got around to ripping the DVD and writing down the tracklist, so here it is for your enjoyment.

Quite an amazing live show, performed under pouring rain and a thunderstorm! The songs have been given a jazz make-over while 水色 (mizu iro) is sung acapella (it's now hard to imagine it being performed any other way). My favourite songs are towards the end but the set is well worth watching in its entirety just to get in the mood.

The anecdote is that when I started this blog I wanted to call it "mizuiro" (water blue), the last song but one of this show. But that blog name was already taken so instead I opted for a name that had nothing to do with music (or with anything at all for that matter).


水色 (acapella)


Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mary Lou Lord ‎- Got No Shadow (1998)

Artist: Mary Lou Lord
Title: Got No Shadow
Format: CD album
Label: Work
Cat. Num.: OK 67574
Year: 1998


01: His Lamest Flame
02: Western Union Desperate
03: Lights Are Changing
04: Seven Sisters
05: Throng Of Blowtown
06: The Lucky One
07: She Had You
08: Some Jingle Jangle Morning
09: Shake Sugaree
10: Two Boats
11: Supergun
12: Down Along The Lea
13: Subway


MP3 / EAC-FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Containe ‎- Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards (1996)

Someone kindly sent me a lossless copy of this album, complete with the artwork (thank you so much Matt) so I'm passing it on to you. Containe's first album, I Want It All, is also available on this blog. Both are I think truly excellent (why I never bought this one is a mystery).

This album also features Edward Baluyut (Versus) and Tara Jane O'Neil (Retsin, Sonora Pine).

Artist: Containe ‎
Title: Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards
Format: CD album
Label: Enchanté Records
Cat. Num.: Enchanté 002
Year: 1996


01: I Notice Everything
02: Why Why Why
03: Why Waste Your Time?
04: Shy Song (Or, I Want To Fuck You)
05: It's Not Easy Being Wrong
06: Mean Song, Pt. II
07: Instrumental
08: Say Please
09: Sad Sad Luck
10: Your Brother's A Star
11: Change The World
12: Summer
13: Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards
14: Reprise (The Money Song) (Or The I Hate My Boyfriend Song Or The I Hate Your Band Song)


MP3 / FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Scarfo ‎- Luxury Plane Crash (1997)

Artist: Scarfo
Title: Luxury Plane Crash
Format: CD album
Label: Deceptive Records
Cat. Num.: BLUFF 045CD
Year: 1997


01: ELO
02: Jet Smashed Flat
03: Alkaline
04: Safecracker
05: Don't Let Go
06: Japanese Cameras
07: Jazz Cigarette
08: Cosmonaut No.7
09: Pajo Gear
10: Chomsky Airport
11: Lifeline
12: Prison Architect


MP3 / EAC-FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scarfo - Alkaline (1997)

Artist: Scarfo
Title: Alkaline
Format: CD single
Label: Deceptive Records
Cat. Num.: BLUFF 044CD
Year: 1997


01: Alkaline
02: Brazil
03: El Topo


MP3 / EAC-FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Scarfo - Scarfo (1995)

Featuring Jamie Hince of The Kills.

Artist: Scarfo
Title: Scarfo
Format: CD album
Label: Deceptive Records
Cat. Num.: Bluff 017CD
Year: 1995


01: Eyesore
02: Coin Op
03: Skinny
04: Backwater
05: Car Chase
06: Throw It All
07: Wailing Words


MP3 / EAC-FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Bright ‎- Blue Christian (1998)

Artist: Bright
Title: Blue Christian
Format: CD album
Label: Darla Records
Cat. Num.: DRL 066
Year: 1998


01: Fuller
02: Trip To The Sound-Alike Finals
03: Tapping
04: Blue Christian
05: Grand Mal
06: Europa
07: Not This Not That


MP3 / EAC-FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Th' Faith Healers ‎- Mr Litnanski (1992)

Artist: Th' Faith Healers
Title: Mr Litnanski
Format: CD single
Label: Too Pure
Cat. Num.: PURE CD 15
Year: 1992


01: My Loser
02: Oh Baby
03: Moona-Inna-Joona
04: Reptile Smile


MP3 / EAC-FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snowpony ‎- The Slow-Motion World Of Snowpony (1998)

Artist: Snowpony
Title: The Slow-Motion World Of Snowpony
Format: CD album
Label: Radioactive Records
Cat. Num.: RARD-11828
Year: 1998


01: Easy Way Down
02: A Way To Survive
03: Love Letters
04: Bad Sister
05: 3 Can Keep A Secret (If 2 Are Dead)
06: St. Lucy's Gate
07: John Brown (Triumphal March)
08: Titanic
09: Snow White
10: Siamese Fighting Fish
11: Pylons


MP3 / EAC-FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)