Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 Reuploads


Last batch ever of requested reuploads! No more requests please.

- Velocity Girl: I Don't Care If You Go (7" single)
- Various Artists: Condition Your Heart (12'' LP)
- Various Artists: Songs About Croaking (CD compilation) eac
- Various Artists: Unnecessary Niceness (CD compilation)
- Ned's Atomic Dustbin: God Fodder (CD album) eac
- Various Artists: Snowstorm, A Tribute To Galaxie 500 (2xCD compilations) eac
- Quigley: A Kind Of Loving (CD mini-album) eac
- Inrain: Grow (7" single)
- Various Artists: Turquoise Trees (cassette)
- Pure Morning: Foxhole (CD single) eac
- Pure Morning: All The Guests Smile So Sweetly (CD single) eac
- The Tentacles: The Touch (7" single)
- Quigley: 1969 Till God Knows When... (CD album) eac

You can also stream all these songs on Grooveshark.



  1. cheers for the pure morning singles. i have the album if you want it?

    1. Got it also, I'm only missing the Dinky single (, but thanks for the offer :)


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