Saturday, February 15, 2014

Containe ‎- Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards (1996)

Someone kindly sent me a lossless copy of this album, complete with the artwork (thank you so much Matt) so I'm passing it on to you. Containe's first album, I Want It All, is also available on this blog. Both are I think truly excellent (why I never bought this one is a mystery).

This album also features Edward Baluyut (Versus) and Tara Jane O'Neil (Retsin, Sonora Pine).

Artist: Containe ‎
Title: Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards
Format: CD album
Label: Enchanté Records
Cat. Num.: Enchanté 002
Year: 1996


01: I Notice Everything
02: Why Why Why
03: Why Waste Your Time?
04: Shy Song (Or, I Want To Fuck You)
05: It's Not Easy Being Wrong
06: Mean Song, Pt. II
07: Instrumental
08: Say Please
09: Sad Sad Luck
10: Your Brother's A Star
11: Change The World
12: Summer
13: Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards
14: Reprise (The Money Song) (Or The I Hate My Boyfriend Song Or The I Hate Your Band Song)


MP3 / FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

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