Sunday, February 23, 2014

Seahorses (1992)

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You'll have to thank Dan (of Whirlpool Heart) for convincing me to digitize this cassette. If it wasn't for his desire to play the music of his former band to his son, that cassette would have remained forgotten. I also included a full scan of the fanzine, Red Roses For Me #5. That issue had plenty of information on Australian indie pop as well as a 3 page interview with Vanessa & Tracey of All Over The Place.

Various Artists
Title: Seahorses
Format: Cassette compilation
Label: Red Roses For Me
Cat. Num.: RRT003
Year: 1992


A1: The Lovelies - Stupid Habit
A2: The Penelopes - Have You Ever Loved Somebody
A3: Imaginary - Within You
A4: Girl Of The World - Space Cadet
A5: The Tropical Fish Invasion - Ring A Ding
A6: Whirlpool Heart - Flights Of Fancy

B1: Antiseptic Beauty - Sixties Residue
B2: The Sugargliders - Surprised
B3: Change Of Seasons - I Wish
B4: Iris - Float
B5: The Jordans - Concerning You
B6: White Town - Then I'll Be Sane


MP3 / FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)


  1. can you up some White Town stuff, before 1997 ?



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