Saturday, March 29, 2014

Catchers - Mute (1994)

Artist: Catchers
Title: Mute
Format: CD album
Label: Setanta Records
Cat. Num.: SETCD18
Year: 1994


01: Beauty No. 3
02: Cotton Dress
03: Apathy
04: Country Freaks
05: Worm Out
06: Jesus Spaceman
07: Song For Autumn
08: Hollowed
09: Shifting
10: Sleepyhead
11: La Luna
12: Epitath


MP3 / EAC-FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)


  1. Amazing post. Dale = mega-talented. This album is freaking awesome.

    The Sleeping Years, sure you've heard Grundle's later ( or I guess you could say "current") stuff.

    1. Agreed, very nice first album. Thanks for reminding of the Sleeping Years. I have an mp3 copy of their album on my hard drive but I can't remember what it sounds like (there's way too much stuff for one man on my hard drive), time to give it another listen :)


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