Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spore - Spore (1993)

I think it's fair to say that Spore were very much influenced by Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth, it's quite obvious on this album. With Mona Elliott (Victory At Sea) on vocals and guitar.

Artist: Spore
Title: Spore
Format: CD album
Label: Taang! Records
Cat. Num.: TAANG! 74
Year: 1993


01: Number One
02: Lee
03: Fun
04: Feedback
05: She Makes Me Feel Violent
06: Splinter
07: Bleeding Gums
08: Fear God


MP3 / EAC-FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)


  1. i've got this on cd. i've never really given it the time it deserves, really.
    i'll drag it out and listen to it later.

    1. Not really my cup of tea tbh, I prefer by far Victory at Sea. But it's always interesting to see/hear where musicians come from musically.


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