Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cranes - Live in Amsterdam (1991)

Cranes was a band that I was lucky to see twice early in their career. The first time was at the Futurama festival in Deinze (Belgium) in November 1990. I only have faint memories of that day but I do remember Starblood at the end of the set, with the drumsticks bouncing one last time before landing in the audience. Despite the excellent line-up of the festival - Ride, the Telescopes, Revenge, Northside - I don't recall much of that day. I just remember that I saw Peter Hook, that Northside had one good song and that we left early, missing the closing sets of Crime and the City Solution and World Party. Cranes was definitely the highlight of the day for me.

I caught up with Cranes a year later, at a club on Cowley Road in Oxford (UK). If Google is to be believed the club was called The Venue and the date was September 1991. I could have sworn that it was at a later date but maybe my mind is confused by the fact that in 1992 I lived for a few months just around the corner on St. Mary's Road. They played a quiet set, quieter than the one I saw a year earlier and than the one posted here, with Alison complaining about the constant chatter that was disrupting the show (and it was indeed annoying).

Artist: Cranes
City: Amsterdam
Venue: Paradiso
Date: February 22nd, 1991


01: Intro
02: Sixth Of May
03: Focus Breathe
04: E.G. Shining
05: Joy Lies Within
06: Dada 331
07: Fuse
08: Reach
09: Slow Song
10: Inescapable
11: Give
12: Starblood

MP3 / FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

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