Monday, May 5, 2014

Slowdive - Live in Eindhoven (1993)

Ok, I'm going to bore you one last time with my sketchy memories, which are only a quarter of a century old but I already feel like grampa Simpson. This time with Slowdive, who coincidentally have reunited and are going on tour again. I saw the band only once, at the Oxford Poly in late 1991 (couldn't find a date online but I still have the setlist grabbed from the stage so it wasn't just a dream). They played loud and fast then, with classic songs like Slowdive or Avalyn barely recognizable. Some raw energy that their first album completely lacked in my opinion.

Artist: Slowdive
City: Eindhoven
Venue: De Effenaar
Date: October 13th, 1993


01: Intro
02: Machine Gun
03: (technical problems)
04: Slowdive
05: Avalyn
06: Catch The Breeze
07: Melon Yellow
08: Morningrise
09: She Calls

MP3 / FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)


  1. love this series of live posts, thank you SO MUCH! :D

    1. That was the last one, I don't have anymore unpublished live recordings. Actually all these live recordings come from dimeadozen, there's probably more treasure to be found there.


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