Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sukpatch ‎- That's Leona's Business (1991)

26 musical pieces on this cassette released by Toytown in Australia. The lo-fi artistic statement seems to be that the tracklist is only indicative. And so are cassette sides! Joke aside, there are indeed 17 songs (the longer tracks), the rest are short samples and jingles in between tracks.

I also scanned and enclosed some Toytown catalogues for you to read while you listen to these pop gems. For a cassette the sound is actually pretty good and the recordings are not that lo-fi.

Artist: Sukpatch ‎
Title: That's Leona's Business
Format: Cassette
Label: Toytown
Cat. Num.: TOY 18
Year: 1991


1. Nice Notes And Texas Extasy    
2. West Virginia Bleachers    
3. Estelle's Dye Kit    
4. B. Epstein Rides Like The Wind    
5. Core Flawl    
6. Just Like Shrimp Cocktail    
7. Chocolate Posse Surprise    
8. Wet Socks    
9. The Company Will Buy You Lunch    
10. Corky's New Talent    
11. No Honey, It'll Make Me Crap    
12. Ima    
13. The Colley Mumble Melon    
14. Window Seat Next To Billy Epstein    
15. Bean Tubes    
16. Smokey Face    
17. Package Walk


MP3 / FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)

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