Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mazzy Star - Live in Antwerp (1994)

Artist: Mazzy Star
City: Antwerp (Belgium)
Venue: Pacific
Date: June 22nd, 1994

Source: Original recording done with a Sony NT-2 Digital Micro Recorder. Then transfered directly to PC as a single WAV file using Sony Sound Forge Pro.

20 years to the day! It would have been a crime to close this blog without posting this live recording, so here it is. Hope you'll enjoy the clear sound and the small tweaks I did to improve it. It is also fairly exclusive, I've never shared this as it is presented here.


01: Give You My Lovin'
02: Blue Light
03: Bells Ring
04: She's My Baby
05: Ghost Highway
06: She Hangs Brightly
07: Ride It On
08: Into Dust
09: Flowers In December
10: So Tonight That I Might See
11: Leaving On A Train
12: Hair And Skin
13: Blue Flower

MP3 / FLAC (password: pyrolysebred)


  1. Thanks. Nice sounding show. I like it that vintage Mazzy Star recordings keep turning up now & then. A Forum member at fan site posted info. about your blog post & upload which is how I learned of it.
    I'll add it to the boots list with DL links there & will of course credit your blog.
    Thanks again.
    -Hermesacat (Bob)

    1. Glad you like it :) I also reuploaded the Brussels show (1993) with the setlist and gig ticket. Feel free to add that one as well. Music is made to be shared! :)


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