Sunday, February 8, 2015

Final Reupload Requests


- Julie Ruin: Julie Ruin (CD album) eac
- Adorable: I'll Be Your Saint (CD single) eac
- Versus: Bright Light (7" single)
- Versus: Glitter of Love (CD single) eac
- Mecca Normal: Dovetail (CD album) eac
- Milltown Brothers: Sally Ann (CD single) eac
- The Family Cat: Colour Me Grey (CD single) eac
- Velocette: Reborn (CD single) eac
- Velocette: Spoiled Children (CD single) eac
- Bark Psychosis: Nothing Feels (CD single) eac
- Linoleum: Marquis (CD singles) eac
- Linoleum: Smear (CD single) eac
- Spoonfed Hybrid: Spoonfed Hybrid (CD album)
- Rob Dickinson: Nude (CD EP) eac
- LucieVacarme: Metalvox EP (CD EP) eac
- LucieVacarme: Milkyway (CD album) eac
- Hood: Home Is Where It Hurts (CD single) eac
- The Haywains: Desperately Seeking Something (CD album) eac
- Echo Is Your Love: Sheets Of Blank Fucking Paper (CD album) eac
- Morrissey: Live 91 (live CD bootleg)
- Morrissey: Wembley Arena (live CD bootleg) eac
- The Pacific Ocean: So Beautiful And Cheap And Warm (CD album)
- Containe: I Want It All (CD album) eac
- Containe: Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards (CD album)
- Toni Halliday: Time Turns Around (CD single) eac
- Elizabeth Bunny: Crawl (CD single) eac
- Rachel Sweet: Protect The Innocent (12" LP)
- Poly Styrene: Translucence (CD album)
- The Wake: Tidal Wave Of Hype (CD album)
- Dustdevils: Extant (CD single) new eac rip
- Dustdevils: Struggling Electric & Chemical (CD album) new eac rip
- Holiday Flyer: Sweet And Sour (CD single) eac
- Reprises Inrocks (2CD compilation)
- Little Darla Has A Treat For You, Vol. 19 (CD compilation) eac
- National Heroes: Once Around The Sun (CD mini-album) eac
- Bob Tilton: Songs Of Penknife And Pocket Watch (7" single)
- Smashing Orange: Above Ming Gardens (12" EP)
- Smashing Orange: Smashing Orange (CD album) eac
- Smashing Orange: No Return In The End (CD album)
- Bis vs. The DIY Corps (CD single)
- Bis : Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Theirs (CD single) eac
- Th' Faith Healers: Mr Litnanski (CD single) new eac rip
- UA: Petit (CD mini-album) eac
- UA: Colony (CD single) eac
- UA: Horizon (CD single) eac
- SF Seals: Truth Walks in Sleepy Shadows (CD album) eac
- The Family Cat: Tell 'Em We're Surfin' (CD album)
- The Popguns: Get Out (CD single) new eac rip
- Unrest: Cherry Cherry (7" single)
- Natalie Merchant: VH1 Storytellers (DVD)
- Natalie Merchant: Solo Sessions 94-95 (CD bootleg)
- Natalie Merchant: Garden Lillies (CD bootleg)
- Evening in Torpor (12" LP)
- Aktion Mekanik (CD compilation) eac
- Cub: Come Out Come Out (CD album)
- Singapore A-Go-Go (CD compilation)
- My Favorite: My Favorite (CD album) eac
- My Favorite: The Last New Wave Record (7" single)
- Peppermint Stick Parade (CD compilation) eac
- Cub: Mauler (CD album) eac
- Palace Brothers: An Arrow Through The Bitch (CD single)
- Tattle Tale: Sew True (CD album) eac
- Kahimi Karie: Larme de crocodile (CD album) eac
- The Famous Boyfriend (CD album) eac
- Now That's Disgusting Music (CD compilation)
- Indies Magazine Vol. 18 (CD compilation) eac
- Thierry Lang: Lyoba (CD album)
- Nietzsche: Dieu est mort, nous sommes Nietzsche (CD album)
- Sara Tavares: Balancê (CD album)
- La-Di-Bloody-Da (CD compilation)
- Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes: Nixon (CD album) eac


  1. Hello,

    can you, please, repost The Famous Boyfriend - The Famous Boyfriend (2001)?

    Thank you very much

    1. Ok, I just added it to the list.

  2. Thanks a bunch for doing this. Your blog has meant so much to me over the years. I don't have any specific requests but perhaps you could re-up some of your shoegaze/dreampop stuff? Always open to new stuff!

    1. Thanks, that's very kind of you :) You almost made me re-open this blog! Then my Grooveshark account got suspended after a bogus copyright claim and it reminded me how frustrating doing this can be. Anyway, new music coming up next month.

  3. Please Re-Upload Tattle Tale's "Sew True". It was simply the most pivotal and influential album (both musically and how it changed me as a person) that I ever owned.

    I found "Sew True" in 1997 at Wazoo Records in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My father was a huge audiophile and when he wasn't busy at work or school, we'd wake up early, and he'd drag me across campus, we'd take the bus downtown, and we'd go to Wazoo Records. Wazoo was this dimly lit, secondhand music thrift store with little in the way or categorical organization, but it had a pretty massive selection of CD's and vinyl. My dad loved it, he'd grab a crate, sit on it and go through their ever-changing stock with glee.

    More often than not, I'd do a lap or two around the cramped floor, weaving through boxes and engrossed audiophiles before I'd get bored and wander to the arcade and play Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter... But this day, I was asking my father for a few dollars to play a couple of games, when he took a CD out of the crate and placed it on the "not interested" pile...

    Looking back, I can't even recall why I took notice... Maybe it was the antique brass hue of the album cover, or maybe it was the image of thimble-tipped fingers on distressed leggings... Whatever the reason, I told my father to buy the album for me. I was into backpack/underground/conscious Hip-Hop at the time... My father was skeptical, and so was I. I hadn't heard a word of the album but I was pretty sure not many 13 year old African-American/Dominican males had an album like this on their shelves... And it didn't appear to relate to any of what I was into at the time.

    Nevertheless, my father paid for the album and when I got home, I closed my door, put my headphones on, and decided to give the album a listen. Arrows came on, and from the first notes, I was hooked."Sew True" showed me that the world was bigger than I had imagined. From that moment forth I knew that music could be more than thought-provoking, it could be an emotional experience.

    I had never bonded with a song. I had never felt understanding and recognition from an album... I didn't know that was even possible. I started writing music, playing every instrument I could convince my father to purchase...

    I had always been a fan of music, especially instrumentation. Tattle Tale's "Sew True" showed me that when a album is well-written, well-executed, and when the artist places their hearts in their music and in their lyrics, two women and a guitar can possess the musical depth and complexity of a symphony.

    Sew True blew my mind, and as a result, left it forever expanded... Please re-upload it, or email me as to where I can download it from on the net. I thank you in advance.



    1. I think it's interesting how some of us relate emotionally to music. How we place some music pieces alongside other important events in the timeline of our lives.

      Not everyone is like that though. I've met people who couldn't care less for music and couldn't name a single piece of music that meant something for them.

  4. hmmm... now I wonder if my last comment posted. glad to see things still happening here!

    cheers from NYC.

    1. Not sure what you mean but your last comment on this blog was here:

  5. Thank you very much for "The Famous Boyfriend".
    I noticed that you have also reposted Cub's compilation Mauler.
    Can you, also, repost Cub - Come Out Come Out (1995)?
    Thank you very much

  6. I'd be very much obliged if you would re-up - Jean Le Fennec ‎- Phantastic 12'' LP (1969). Thanks for the great blog!

    1. It is still online, don't forget to replace the ***** by dfiles (

  7. hi and huge thanks for your posts!

    I'd love to request UA singles and Petit mini-album to reupload

    1. Here you go, brand new rips (and also a few more scans for completion sake), enjoy!

    2. thank you!!! happy new year!

  8. Thanks for renewing some many broken links. Can you possibly re-up
    Sunday, February 2, 2014
    Th' Faith Healers ‎- Mr Litnanski (1992)

    1. Brand new rip uploaded. Happy New Year!

  9. Could you possible re-add "Bis ‎- Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Theirs (1997)" EAC Flac please? Thank you!

    1. Reuploaded, together with an older post ("Bis vs. The DIY Corps").

    2. Thanks so much! Really appreciated.

  10. Thanks for all of the work you put into this site. I've discovered quite a few new bands here and I appreciate it.


    1. Good, that's what I was aiming for :) Thx for the comment.

  11. REQUEST: how about ...

    VA - Snakebite City THREE, TWO, ONE as well?

    Thanks as ever

    1. If I had them, I'd post them. But I don't, so I won't.

  12. Just found this site, thanks for the obscure stuff. Rachel Sweet ‎- Protect The Innocent is one I see that was up that does not seem to be working for me so I request it and many thanks again.

  13. Actually, now looking through your site more, please disregard my last request, for this one, Poly Styrene - Translucence (1980), mind you if you did both I'd be super duper happy but I shall not make anymore requests right now. And many thanks.

    1. The Flac files were still online but not the MP3s. I'll reupload both to Mega, it's easier that way.

      Up to 5 requests at a time is still ok, so no worry, I'll reup the Rachel Sweet LP as well.

    2. Here you go, both albums reuploaded.

    3. Thank you again. Since you said up to five requests, I see the Containe albums are not up and if possible I request them.
      Containe - Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards
      Containe - I Want It All

      and in related addition

      The Pacific Ocean - So Beautiful and Cheap and Warm.

      Just curious, what programs do you use to convert records? I have a usb record player and I have tried Audacity but it seems to mess up my computer everytime I try. The one record I copied had a lot of hiss too. Thanks in advance for any advice you might can share.

    4. I'm an old-school kind of a person, I have a Technics turntable (w/ a Shure cartridge/stylus) connected to a Pioneer amplifier connected to a Creative soundcard on my desktop. Nothing fancy or expensive, just enough to do a correct job.

      As far as softwares are concerned, I used Nero WaveEditor then switched to Sony Soundforge Pro 10 because it had more presets. There are other restoration softwares but I haven't tried them. You can probably read reviews on Audiokarma or VinylEngine's forums (for ex. :

      My analog rips are done in lossless WAV format (16/44.1). Then for the purpose of uploading converted to FLAC/MP3 using EZ CD Audio Converter.

      Now, hiss can be the product of a number of things. Damaged grooves on the record; a worn-out stylus; cheap quality cartridge/tonearm/turntable; incorrect settings of the audio restoration software; etc.

      Can those USB turntables record in other formats than MP3? If not then you're stuck with lossy audio. Converting in another format won't help you, lossy audio remains lossy audio. And in my experience encoding in MP3 has the disadvantage of making the flaws of digitization more apparent. That's why I always advise people to download the FLAC files on this blog, they just sound better.

      The only advice that I can think of right now is to go by an elimination process. Put on a brand new record. If you still have too much hiss, try on another turntable, or with a different stylus, etc. Keep in mind that the audio restoration software is a last resort measure. A decent setup (cartridge/turntable) will produce a decent rip that will need little or no audio restoration. In any case it will not make up for a poorly ripped record. Hope that helped somehow.

  14. Requesting this - Spare Snare / Coastal Café - Split 7'' (1998)

    would be great! /Carl

    1. Still online []

  15. Aaah, thank you so much for this blog! SO much great stuff. I particularly dig downloading stuff I've never heard. I've been on a bit of a Subjugation search lately and I'm wondering if you could maybe re-upload the Strength Alone 7'' - Never Enough? I've no idea what they even sounded like but it's one of the few Subj-y bands I haven't heard and I'm curious! Thanks so much if possible!


    1. Still online []

  16. Dear pb,
    already have found a lot of stuff worth listening to, so in the first place it's time to say : THANKS!!
    I really would appreciate to see the album from The Haywains - Desperately Seking Something to be re-upped...

  17. Dear pb

    Would you please reup Azure Ray 2001? I am looking for this album but you're my only hope! Thank you I appreciate your site :)


    1. Still online:
      (Gavitex is just the new name of DepositStorage, you can trust the download page)

  18. thanks for the uploads! would you be able to reupload Mecca Normal - Dovetail (1992)? the download links don't appear to be there anymore

    1. Did a brand new rip of the album and reposted the links.

  19. Thanks so much for opening my eyes. Could you please re-upload the two EPs from Versus, Bright Light and Glitter of Love? Cheers.

  20. hi

    I would like to ask you upload the single "best John" the wake (1991) Please thats all

    so thanks very much


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