Thursday, January 1, 2015

HṚṢṬA ‎- Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes (2007)

! New Year Extravaganza !
Here we go for another hour of gift giving! This time I will be posting one record every five minutes until I run out of things to post. Expect a few compilations and a couple of DVDs as well.
Artist: HṚṢṬA
Title: Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes
Format: CD album
Label: Constellation
Cat. Num.: CST 048-2
Year: 2007


01: Entre La Mer Et L'Eau Douce
02: Beau Village
03: The Orchard
04: Tomorrow Winter Comes
05: Haunted Pluckley
06: Hechicero Del Bosque
07: Saturn Of Chagrin
08: Kotori
09: Holiday

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