Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mansfield.TYA ‎- Seules Au Bout De 23 Secondes (2009)

The other musical side of Rbk Warrior (Sexy Sushi). Similar to Tender Forever (on K Records) I'd say, but darker. Whenever I listen to Sexy Sushi or Mansfield.TYA I picture someone in a bout of depression, crying and slashing her wrists. Those records should come with an advisory sticker ("Warning: this record will bum you out"). Or a discount voucher for anti-depressants ;-)

Artist: Mansfield.TYA
Title: Seules Au Bout De 23 Secondes
Format: CD album
Label: Vicious Circle
Cat. Num.: Reverb100
Year: 2009


01: Long Ago
02: Lointaine
03: Sur Le Plafond
04: Des Journées Ordinaires
05: Wasting My Time
06: Silver Silences II
07: Je Ne Rêve Plus
08: Why Not Die Together
09: My Lover Is Gone
10: Fantômes
11: You're The Woman
12: So Long
13: Dé-programmé
14: Seules Au Bout De 23 Secondes

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