Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Wisdom Of Harry - Stars Of Super 8 (1999)

Artist: The Wisdom Of Harry
Title: Stars Of Super 8
Format: CD album
Label: Matador Records
Cat. Num.: OLE 383/2
Year: 1999


01: C.C.'s Dark Days
02: Shotgun
03: Pure Gold Henry
04: Disney Queen
05: Hansa Toy Corporation
06: Samovaar
07: Fragments Of Harris
08: 23 Sky
09: Sports Pod
10: X Screen
11: Marsh Blues
12: Valley Boy
13: Loved

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  1. A very influential release in my music appreciation growth. Led me to the "Will Our Children Thank Us" comp on Foundry, which led me to Piano Magic, Rothko, State River Widening and all the offshoots of those bands.


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