Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Even As We Speak ‎- A Three Minute Song Is One Minute Too Long (2005)

A kind follower of this blog sent me this compilation album of early singles by Even As We Speak so I'm passing it on to you as it doesn't seem to be available online. I hope that the band will one day release their back-catalogue on Bandcamp, like they did for their BBC Radio sessions. In the meantime enjoy these recordings.

Artist: Even As We Speak
Title: A Three Minute Song Is One Minute Too Long
Format: CD album
Label: Egg Records
Cat. Num.: eggrest018
Year: 2005


01: 100    
02: Pleasure Circles    
03: Anybody Anyway    
04: Brain    
05: Outgrown This Town    
06: Goes So Slow    
07: Nothing Ever Happens    
08: A Stranger Calls    
09: Blue Suburban Skies    
10: Bizarre Love Triangle    
11: Looking Over Your Shoulder    
12: By The Side Of The Road    
13: I Can Do Without    
14: Falling Down    
15: I Won't Have To Think About You    
16: Single To Central    
17: Galveston

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