Monday, February 16, 2015

This Was Supposed To Be A Celebration! (2007)

"Hey, wasn't this blog supposed to close like months ago!?"

Well, yes it was, and it is. This is the final post (no, really, this time this is it). Requests and comments are now closed. Enjoy this last offering. Plenty of great noise to keep yourself (and the neighbours) awake. This compilation has a different recording of 'Jesse Jane' (track #9), faster (and better imo) than the version on the To/From 10" EP.

Various Artists
Title: This Was Supposed To Be A Celebration!
Format: CD compilation
Label: Mauled by Tigers
Cat. Num.: MBT 001
Year: 2007


01: Underground Railroad to Candyland - Paint Thin Walls
02: Canadian Rifle - Follow The Leader
03: King Tuff - Ruthie Ruthie
04: Japanther - The Sun Goes Down
05: Maps And Atlases - The Most Trustworthy Tin Cans
06: The Ka-Nives - Katobi Rock N Roll
07: Kit - Stars
08: Latterman - If Batman Was Real, He Would Have Beaten The Crap Out Of My Friends
09: Matt And Kim - Jesse Jane
10: Ultra Dolphins - If You Will    
11: Lone Wolf And Cub - Shut The Fuck Up Rory Brown
12: Punkin Pie - One Month Later
13: The Hunchback - All That Fear Allows
14: Parts And Labor - Camera Shy
15: Shopping - Invulnerable To Cure    
16: Tulsa - Young And Foolish
17: Bossy - Walk Around
18: Dynamite Arrows - Lady, I'm Fucking Dead
19: Pterodactyl - Ask Me Nicely
20: Rager - Been Signin' Tits Since '86    
21: The Deathset - Had A Bird
22: The Bananas - New Animals

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